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Alvarez Successor tweedehands   Not for sale
Early '90s Superstrat
Guitarist with own gear and transport , in The Landings sout...

Farnborough Green
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Alvarez Electro acoustic tweedehands   (Prijs: 500 €) Not for sale
Electronique fishman
Guitariste experimenté, avec comme projet initial la publica...

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Alvarez Rd12gb tweedehands   (Prijs: 400 €) Not for sale
Her names’ Lidewij and she’s been with me through the good times and the bad.
I don’t care if you play perfectly, just play with passion a...

New York
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Alvarez MD60 tweedehands   Not for sale
Mid-level acoustic with balanced tone
I'm a self-taught guitar player. Learned off of artists Led ...

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Alvarez Yaïri CY-62 tweedehands   Not for sale
Encore six cordes avec un manche et un corps
Guitariste amateur/professionnel,, influence seventies, Rory...

Bagneaux Sur Loing
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Alvarez RD010 tweedehands   (Prijs: 200 €) Not for sale
Guitare acoustique Folk
Je joue de la guitare depuis maintenant 9 ans, à l'aise dans...

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