Fender Mexican Jazz tweedehands

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Fender Mexican Jazzbass tweedehands   Not for sale
Sunburst tourtoise mit flatwounds
Seit anderthalb Jahren am lernen und grooven. Mein Musikinte...

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Fender Mexican Jazz Bass tweedehands   (Prijs: 800 €) Not for sale
Couleur crème / rouge
Bassiste ayant de l'expérience sur scène (+- soixante concer...

Tournai Kain
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Fender Mexican Jazz Bass tweedehands   Not for sale
Mexican Fender Jazz Bass
Entirely self taught, been playing on and off for the last 1...

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Fender Mexican jazz bass tweedehands   (Prijs: 600 €) Not for sale
Mexican standard jazz bass with a brown burst
My inspirations include Green Day, Metallica, Pantera, and m...

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